Chamber of Commerce’s C_TEC Urges Government “Think Big” on IoT

Wiley Rein today helped the Chamber of Commerce’s C-TEC advocate for pro-innovation policies that can advance the Internet of Things.  In comments filed in an NTIA proceeding about the role of IoT in the economy, C_TEC urges the government to:

  • Promote data–driven decisions and consistent, broad definitions that recognize the diversity of IoT;
  • Promote global, voluntary and open industry-led standards, supporting interoperability and the free flow of information;
  • Promote security through partnerships, education, and reduction of liability risk; and
  • Remove barriers to infrastructure deployment and avoiding regulation and fragmentation.

President’s Cyber Commission Calls for Fast IoT Action, Consumer Focus

Reports to outgoing Presidents rarely have long term policy impact.  But as the new President’s cyber priorities take shape, today’s Report of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity may set expectations. The Internet of Things (“IoT”) features prominently in the 100 page Report, and today’s blog highlights the Commission’s perspective on IoT.