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Four Key Points for Regulators in the Wake of the First Self-Driving Car Pedestrian Fatality

Somber news out of Arizona this week as an autonomous Volvo modified and operated by Uber reportedly struck and killed a pedestrian.  Although this is not the first fatality in which a self-driving car played a role, this incident marks the first time a pedestrian has been killed by a car employing self-driving technology. 

V2V Announcement: Fact vs. Fiction

The Associated Press is reporting this week that the Trump Administration has decided not to pursue a mandate proposed by the Obama Administration that would have required automakers to install vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications technology in all new cars and trucks.  Is the Associated Press correct that the Administration is “jeopardizing one of the most promising technologies for preventing traffic deaths”?

Brews on the Move

San Francisco startup Otto made the world’s first autonomous truck delivery yesterday.  The freight in question?  50,000 cans of Budweiser.  Otto’s 18-wheeler, made autonomous by $30,000 of hardware and software of Otto’s own design, navigated the 120 miles from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  The Uber-owned startup’s new autonomous technology would allow for the 10.5 billion tons of the nation’s freight to be transported sans driver, at least while the truck remains on the Interstate.  Human drivers are still needed for more complicated city environments.  At least for now.