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Where’s My Drone Delivery?

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Uber is planning to start deploying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, commonly called drones) for delivery to consumers “as soon as next year and commercially operational in multiple markets by 2021.”  There is speculation this initiative could be tied to UberEats, the company’s prepared food delivery business.  As excited as we all are for flying burritos in 2019, this latest drone delivery news raises the question: what is taking so long for drone delivery to get off the ground? 

Four Key Points for Regulators in the Wake of the First Self-Driving Car Pedestrian Fatality

Somber news out of Arizona this week as an autonomous Volvo modified and operated by Uber reportedly struck and killed a pedestrian.  Although this is not the first fatality in which a self-driving car played a role, this incident marks the first time a pedestrian has been killed by a car employing self-driving technology. 

“Flying Cars” Aren’t Cars. (And They Might Not Fly)

Since the premiere of The Jetsons in 1962, we’ve all wondered when we can expect to see futuristic flying cars in real life—pod-shaped vehicles that can float above traffic and safely deliver us to work and school.  Momentum for the idea of flying cars has been building lately, leading industry watchers to speculate whether the future is now.