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Location Services: OFF

In an August 3 memo from Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, the Department of Defense (DoD) banned personnel from “using geolocation features and functionality on both non-government and government-issued devices, applications, and services while in locations designated as operational areas (OAs).”  Outside of OAs, DoD has ordered the heads of DoD Components to “consider the inherent risks associated with geolocation capabilities on devices, applications, and services, both non-government and government issued, by personnel both on and off duty.”

New DoD Guidance Gives Military Green Light for Counter-UAS Measures

The Department of Defense (“DoD”) has released guidelines on the measures available to the military to eliminate threats posed by unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) found operating above and around military installations in the United States.  The agency announced yesterday that it provided a classified guidance to the services and installations last month on UAS countermeasures, and on Friday issued another guidance which specifies how UAS restrictions should be communicated to the communities surrounding military installations.