Start Here: Cyber Fundamentals for Public Policy Makers

Wiley is launching a podcast in partnership with American University’s Khan Cyber and Economic Security Institute and global cybersecurity company CrowdStrike. This comprehensive series explores the fundamentals of cybersecurity public policy to help cybersecurity professionals, government officials, and students stay up to date on the latest regulatory and legislative issues.

The “START HERE” podcast is led by Sasha O’Connell, Executive in Residence at American University’s School of Public Affairs and Director of the Curriculum and Programming for the Khan Institute; Drew Bagley, CrowdStrike’s VP & Counsel for Privacy and Cyber Policy; and Megan Brown, Co-Chair of Wiley’s Privacy, Cyber & Data Governance Practice. Together, they explore topics such as incident response and ransomware in a series designed to assist current and future public policy leaders with cybersecurity responsibilities. We hope you’ll enjoy this podcast!

Episode 1: Cyber Fundamentals for Public Policymakers

Welcome to "START HERE" the educational resource for current and future policymakers seeking to delve into the world of cyber public policy. In this evergreen series, we bring you the foundational knowledge you need to navigate the complex realm of cybersecurity public policy with confidence. Join the team of: Drew Bagley, Megan Brown, and Sasha O’Connell as they uncover the essential principles and insights that shape cyber public policy today.

Episode 2: Cyber Incident Reporting (Part One)

In the second episode of “START HERE”, Sasha O’Connell, Drew Bagley, and Megan Brown discuss cyber incident reporting. With new incident reporting mandates being considered at the state and federal level, this issue needs thoughtful consideration. Incident reporting is a big topic so we cover it in two episodes. In this first one, Sasha, Drew and Megan discuss fundamental issues about whether incident reporting should be required at all, from the perspective of victims of cyber attacks, incident responders, and government.

Episode 3: Cyber Incident Reporting (Part Two)

In the third episode of “START HERE”, Sasha O’Connell, Drew Bagley, and Megan Brown continue the discussion of cyber incident reporting, digging deeper to discuss the main aspects of proposed mandates and new government approaches. This episode addresses the state data breach reporting landscape and new laws like the Cybersecurity Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act and news rules at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sasha, Drew and Megan discuss hard operational questions, including whether reporting should be public or confidential, timelines for reporting (and tradeoffs of speed versus accuracy), and how reporting mandates can put victims at further risk.

Episode 4: Ransomware (Part One)

In the fourth episode of "START HERE," Sasha O’Connell, Drew Bagley, and Megan Brown delve into the world of ransomware and extortion schemes. This episode addresses the evolution of ransomware and the approaches that organizations often take in response to such threats. Sasha, Drew, and Megan discuss how ransomware affects operational technology and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack of 2021. 

Episode 5: Ransomware (Part Two)

Join Sasha O’Connell, Drew Bagley, and Megan Brown as they embark on a journey to demystify cyber policy, addressing the vital gap in understanding and communication that hinders effective policy development. Through engaging discussion and expert insights, this episode serves as your gateway into the intricacies of cybersecurity public policy, specifically focusing on ransomware and policy approaches.

Understanding the Ransomware Economy: Delve deeper into the complexity of the ransomware economy, exploring its various facets and implications for policy development.
Regulating Ransomware Attacks:  Explore policy approaches to regulating and mitigating ransomware attacks, considering the multifaceted interests that must be balanced by policymakers.
Challenges and Considerations: Examine the challenges inherent in crafting effective ransomware policies, including the need to address divergent interests and perspectives.
Solutions and Strategies: Gain insights into identifying real problems posed by ransomware and formulating practical policy solutions to combat this evolving threat.
A Holistic Perspective: Benefit from a unique perspective that integrates academia, private sector expertise, and real-world policy application to offer a well-rounded view of ransomware policy.

Episode 6: Data Flows

On this episode of START HERE, join Sasha O’Connell, Drew Bagley, and Megan Brown as they embark on a journey to unravel the complexities of cross-border data flows and their impact on global cyber policy. In this enlightening episode, they delve into the benefits of data flows and internet connectivity, highlighting their crucial role in driving innovation, economic growth, and international collaboration.

Through engaging discussions and expert insights, this episode serves as your gateway into understanding the necessity of a global workforce for data flows, and exploring how diverse talent pools contribute to the development and regulation of data policies across borders. 

Moreover, the team navigates through the intricate politics surrounding data flows, shedding light on the challenges policymakers face in balancing security, privacy, and economic interests on a global scale.

Here's what you'll discover in this episode:

The Power of Data Flows: Explore the transformative potential of cross-border data flows and internet connectivity, uncovering how they foster innovation, economic development, and interconnectedness in the digital age.

Global Workforce Dynamics: Gain insights into the essential role of a global workforce in managing and regulating data flows, understanding how diverse perspectives and expertise contribute to shaping effective cyber policies.

Navigating Political Landscapes: Examine the intricate politics of data flows, from regulatory frameworks to international negotiations, and the challenges policymakers encounter in navigating divergent interests and agendas.

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